Collaborative Planning

public involvement/Engagement

Special Interest Research and Report Writing

Workshops and Events

There are times when you need to find out what people think about your project, program or other aspect of what you're doing.  X&A can design, facilitate and document the process and findings.  We can provide services for:

•  Focus groups
•  Survey development
•  Mail in questionnaires
•  One on one and small group interviews

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X&A has over 30 years of planning, designing, facilitating and documenting workshops and events tailored to the desired outcomes of the client.  Using interactive, participatory methods, our workshops create a productive working environment for participants and the process results in achieving the results sought by the group.  The events can be from a few hours to several days, with a few people involved or a crowd of several hundred; we have experience with them all.  We can:
•  Manage logistics for groups large and small.
•  Design, facilitate and manage an event or a workshop.
•  Host and manage outreach for workshops.

We also have many years of sponsoring and collaborating with colleagues to provide workshops and learning events on a wide variety of topics ranging from personal growth, peace and non-violence to managing teams. 

As an organization or project moves forward, clearly understanding its purpose, mission and vision are important to how it develops and the action it takes over time to complete the project successfully or endure as a relevant organization.  X&A provides the following facilitation services to create an environment and structure that fosters participation by everyone in the room.  The collaboration that occurs as a result leads to a richer product that is more likely to be adopted and implemented by the organizations.

•  Strategic planning
•  Goal setting
•  Vision setting
•  Internal/external needs assessment
•  Community and regional planning
•  Retreat planning
•  Collaborative action planning for events and activities

Ximenes & Associates, Inc., (X&A) is a local industry leader in the field of facilitation design and public involvement.  Since 1984, X&A has created environments where community members and stakeholders who are affected by a project can have a two-way conversation with the agency representatives and consultants who will carry the project forward.

As pioneers in developing public involvement processes in San Antonio, we have provided unique guidance and training to representatives of public and community agencies, consultants, community members and other stakeholders in developing environments necessary to effect productive two-way communication.  Because no two projects are alike, our customized processes consider project outcomes and stakeholder needs and characteristics, implementing the most effective and appropriate communication tools for the situation.

We offer the following services related to public involvement and engagement:

•  Process facilitation
•  Consensus building
•  Staffing of public advisory groups/committees
•  Stakeholder interviews and focus groups
•  Staffing, outreach and planning of community/public meetings

•  Outreach using conventional and innovative methods
•  Staffing and planning of information fairs
•  Alternative dispute resolution